Wieteke Koolhof - New Paradigm Coaching & Interstellar Contact Experience Facilitator

Contact Wieteke Koolhof:

Albert Luthulistraat 4B
1091 NT Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Phone: +31(0)610706398




About Wieteke Koolhof

When Wieteke was just 3 years old, she started having multidimensional contact with different types of ETs (Extra Terrestrials). Her amazing life journey brought her into direct contact with a personal guide from a group of beings called The Yahyel. The Yahyel interact directly with other beings from the Pleiades, who reside in the 5th and 6th dimensions. The relationship between Wieteke and Yahyel serve as a gateway to bring forth information from the greater universe, parallel realities, as well as messages from clients' higher selves. 

Wieteke feels a special connection with the new generation of Star Seeds ( Indigo and Crystal children / and adults) and enjoys working with her team in order to assist them with their mission. Wieteke believes that ‘The meaning of life’ is to simply follow one’s joyful heart and the idea of self-empowerment means that you already have the answers.  We all sometimes need a little push though - a reflection - or some inspiration from the outside - to help us remember our own truth and who we truly are. 

You can choose the pace and composition of your individual process. Sometimes one session is adequate and sometimes several sessions are needed. The transmissions are always done out of compassion and your free will is always honored.

During the past 3 years (starting in 2013), all the pieces of the puzzle suddenly started to come together very fast. During meditation, Wieteke's personal guide from The Yahyel introduced himself by first stating the name of his people, loud and clear.

Even though Wieteke never had the desire to become a channeller,  she soon realized that she was basically doing this already for many years, through her writing and artworks. When she felt these energies coming closer, and remembered some pre-life plans, she got to experience pure source-energy and unconditional love that is always surrounding her guides. She instantly ‘remembered’ strongly from her heart; yes- this is what I’ve always wanted, and in a sense, what she has always been working towards.

With her previous art-school education as an illustrator (images and knowledge needed to be ‘connected’. Her life-long interest in psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, her endless interest in healthy ways of living, holistic health, energetic ways of healing… ALL had to do with her love for the frequency of ‘just being whole’ – and having a genuine desire to share this with others.

Contact Wieteke to begin your healing journey through her amazing channeling abilities.

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