Wendy Luk - Energy Therapist, Spiritual Counselor & Hypnotherapist

About Wendy Luk

From a young age Wendy began developing her emotional expression through many creative outlets, one of which she later pursued in Computer Animation as her profession.  She had compromised immune system and insomnia since childhood.  She recognized the value of health when it was diminishing as an young adult.  She became fascinated by natural health and holistic healing.  She is constantly searching to find ways for natural, non-invasive ways to improve overall well being. 

Wendy finished her studies in Natural Healing Arts, and later graduated as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist at the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy. She has studied various healing modalities such as: Yuen Method, Now Healing, Awakening Dynamics, various hands-on Energy Healing. She continues to expand her knowledge. Compassionate Healings is not only as a business but as her personal journey, while exploring her natural gifts, innate wisdom and spiritual path.

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, Wendy has been a facilitator for many transformational healing where an individual has released years of struggle and gained clarity to their true self. She is extremely grateful to her spirit guides for the wonderful healing and guidance that has been received. Her passion is to share guidance, support, empower people to move forward and to enhance an individual to higher levels that they once thought unachievable. 

Wendy is specialized in clearing energetic blocks and trauma in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level, auric and morphogenetic fields. She is dedicated to assist people to grow on their spiritual path, gain insight into their own unique gifts and talents, get clear on the challenges and learn to live their life from a place of higher consciousness.

With her awakened innate healing abilities, Wendy is devoted to transform people's life with a compassionate heart. She provides an intuitive, comforting, informative and personalized session with each connection.  As a conduit of The Divine Energy, she has gentle vibration through her healing to bring harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Wendy is described by her clients as a gifted and warm, passionate spiritual healer. Every healing is personally unique and dealt with in a loving and caring way.

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