Tracee Houghton - Speaker for Gaia, Light Activator, Transmitter and Receiver from the Higher Realms

About Tracee Houghton

Tracee Houghton is being directed to be a Speaker for Gaia, Light Activator, Transmitter and Receiver for information and Codings from the higher realms. She is a Galactic Federation Ambassador for the Pleiadians, and the Creator. She always tries to show up at meaningful, spiritual conferences to help enlighten and awaken others.

Originally from New Zealand, she realized at the very early age of 11, that her passion was music; She wanted to tour the world and so she did. Starting in Australia, to the Middle East, to Britain, to the USA. Her heart called her to be in America as far as she can remember knowing there was something for her to do, be and experience that New Zealand could not offer. Her heart longed to be in America and she had a feeling that the love for eternity would be there. She followed her heart without proof, but only followed her heart’s desire.

When she first arrived to the USA, she put the signs out and ended up going towards San Diego which was not even on her list, and the moment she got half-way there she could feel she was not going to be eaving. She was headed home! She eventually ended up living in a hotel for 5 years while touring and playing music, all over the USA. She was guided to an extremely lovely man by the name of Paul from the Millionaire club for musicians who put her onto an Immigration Lawyer, so she could receive her U.S Citizenship.

Tracee Houghton joined Rob Potter as his Co-Producer for the Mt Shasta Intergalactic Conference in 2015. Rob told her, “my guides are telling me you’re the one to ask.”

Tracee's mission as given by her guides is to decode what is keeping humanity from reaching Universal Intelligence and Source, disconnecting humanity from its true nature. The mission is to assist the earth and Mother Gaia to provide a safe home for all of creation including Gaia, especially her Animal Children, all of her children, and to Unite the Divine Feminine and Masculine in all dimensions.

Tracee has the ability to channel through whomever a person unconditionally loves within her presence. She prefers to call herself a portal for love, as opposed to a channel. The more you open your heart, the more you will receive the perfect information through her transmissions.

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