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About Tina Ruppert

Tina creates handmade, custom mosaic works of art which starts with cutting her own wood substrate from individual templates.. Each piece goes through a 10-12 step process which begins with sanding and priming and pre-sealing the wood substrate. Next, she determines what design and colors the customer wants and gathers all her materials to be used on that particular project. The tiles, glass and mixed media objects are then adhered to her substrate. After 24 hours of drying time, the mosaic project is then grouted. Another 24 hours of curing time goes by and the project is ready to be sanded, sealed, varnished and a final coat of paint applied to the back and sides to give a 'finished' appearance. The sawtooth (or whatever is appropriate) hangars are attached to the back of the mosaic and it is then ready to ship to the customer. A total, from start to finish, custom mosaic piece.

Tina began creating mosaics almost 18 years ago when a broken mirror found its way onto her fireplace mantel! That was her first 'aha' moment when her passion for mosaics were first realized. Her talents and passion have grown tremendously since then. It was definitely love at first break! From there, Tina started seeking out all the bare surfaces in her house that she imagined covered in gorgeous glass tiles. Then she started to check out the local Home Depot tile section to see what inexpensive tiles could continue be used. It was a bonanza! Tina also found online mosaic supply stores by the hundreds and mosaic books by the thousands, not coming up for air for years. She has also created the most colorful and inspirational glass studio you could imagine to spur on her creativity daily.

Since she has been laid off from her 'regular' job, her biggest wish is that she could turn her mosaic business into a full time self supporting adventure. Her goal is to be one of those incredibly lucky people that actually gets paid (enough) doing what they love to do EVERY DAY! What a wonderful feeling that would be!


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