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To serve humanity through the advancement of holistic natural medicine to assist in creating healthy mental, emotional and physical well-being.  Educating health providers and the general public through the Wellness Center for Research and Education, Inc. and The California College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Dale is an advocate and pioneer of natural safe medicine. To stay healthy, Dr. Dale believes that there needs to be an ever increasing awareness about environmental, dental, and medication health risks.


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About Dr. Theresa Dale

Dr. Theresa Dale practices as a Biological Medical Consultant, Traditional Naturopath, Certified Clinical Nutritionist (IAACN), and Homeopath. In addition, she is an International Motivational Speaker and Health Educator. She is also a medical consultant to health providers full-time.  

Dr. Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies became her passion when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself of the tumor by herself using natural methods, she decided to dedicate her life to natural medicine and educating others to both understand their choices and support their choices with natural medicine.

In 1986, while studying in Europe, Dr. Dale was exposed to nuclear radiation from the Chernobyl disaster in Russia and became seriously ill.  She cured herself completely using homeopathic medicine.

Dr. Dale completed her education in Naturopathy, Biological Medicine, Magnetic Fields, and Homeopathy.  She chose to complete her Naturopathic Studies in Europe as well as the U.S.A. The residential training awarded her a Naturopathic Doctor degree (1988) at Clayton University, St. Louis, Mo. Clayton University’s prestigious Board of Directions included pioneers and experts such as Linus Pauling, and many other noted authorities.  In 1992 she founded The Wellness Center for Research and Education, Inc. and in 1994, The California College of Natural Medicine. 

Dr. Dale is the “Pioneer of Hormone Rejuvenation” with over 20,000 case studies using her advanced FDA registered formulas NuFem & EndoPure for Men and Women and her “Five Element Salivary Test” panel and custom Wellness Program. Moreover, Dr. Dale’s homeopathic, organic herbal and clean nutritional formulas are both evidence-based and have been proven successful in clinical testing.  Furthermore, Advanced Homeopathic research lead to her formulation of the first Fibonacci Sequenced Homeopathic product line. She offers lectures and workshops to medical professionals and speak at various conferences.  Ffurthermore, Dr. Dale has formulated 150 products; all natural and free of excipients.

Dr. Dale has been educating the public through being a guest on hundreds of  national and syndicated radio shows. Theresa has been in private practice since 1980 in the areas of homeopathy, nutrition, magnetic field therapy, and emotional release technologies. She continued her research in homeopathy and BioResonance healing and new offers health providers ongoing trainings in The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Detoxification and Salivary Testing. 

Theresa has also authored  two books; Revitalize Your Hormones and Transform Your Emotional DNA. Moreover, she has authored a unique “Homeopathic Endocrinology” Training curriculum, which is online at In addition, Dr. Dale is the inventor of NeuroPhysical Reprogramming, a residential professional healing technology that help practitioners locate and eliminate identities, emotions and belief systems that are the cause of disease. Epigenetic control can be achieved and perceptions can be changed with NPR sessions and homeopathic Neuro-Emotional meridian Remedies.




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