Suzanne Worthley - Energy Practitioner focused on personal healing and finding inner balance

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Phone: (651) 303-5702

About Suzanne Worthley

A White Bear resident for 28 years, Worthley worked in marketing for many years. She was director of the White Bear Lake Economic Development Corporation and later vice president of operations for White Bear Lake-based Grace McNamara Inc. She left the corporate world behind 6.5 years ago to pursue what she truly loves: working with energy.  “My goal is to help people understand that they are basically energy,” Worthley said. “You and only you are responsible for your health and happiness ... it’s a really empowering practice.”

Worthley has been practicing her gifts and teaching about energy, the paranormal and spirits in White Bear Lake and nine nearby cities. With a client base of about 400, Worthley doesn’t feel the need to advertise.  Almost all of her business comes from referrals. Most of Worthley’s clients are from White Bear Lake, but a lot also come from surrounding communities. Out of the 400, Worthley says she has about 15-30 clients whom she sees on a regular basis.  

Death and dying were a normal part of Worthley’s childhood because her father was a mortician; the paranormal has interested her ever since. “I’ve been able to see and hear and feel things almost all my life,” Worthley said. “My intuition has always been super high.”

Worthley decided to turn her gifts into a career after a healer told her she needed to study to be an energy practitioner. After reading over 60 books about the topic in the first month, she said she knew it was meant to be.  

The energy practitioner says a lot of people have the same abilities she does, but they shut down their gifts because they are not widely accepted in this culture.  

“So many people are scared of stuff they can’t see, touch or feel,” Worthley said. “I make it not scary ... I have the ability to bring it down to earth … The reality of my work is love-based, there is no fear.”

On Oct. 25, Worthley is leading a sold-out haunted cave tour of the Wabasha Caves in St. Paul. She said this year’s tour sold out two weeks after last year’s tour finished. In January, Worthley is taking a group on a sold-out spiritual tour through Peru. There, she will teach at sacred sites and host group meditations.

Hosting a historical energy tour through White Bear Lake landmarks is on Worthley’s to-do list, but she is awaiting approval on that event.  

Worthley prefers to use the term “historical energy” rather than the more popular term “haunted,” which carries negative connotations. Worthley says she is working to remove all the fear associated with spirits and the paranormal. “The reality is that [the paranormal] is there but [its exploration] doesn’t have to be fear-based,” she said, “It can be done in love.”

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