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About Songita Prana Sound Healing

Sangita Prana Sound Healing are a sound healing company specialising in spiritual music too relax, support, clear, strengthen and enlighten the body, soul and mind.

Sound healing is the oldest form of healing known to man. Its potency has many magical frequencies to tap into certain ailments, emotions or mind states. We use a combination of sound healing techniques too bring happiness and love into peoples lives. As we care for our world and the people who inhabit it. We are light workers on a mission to purify the world through sound. We use several techniques such as binaural beats, tuning fork therapy, natural therapy, laws of physics and found sounds, solfeggio frequencies, brainwave entrainment techniques, music of the spheres concept, music therapy techniques, chakra balancing, relaxation techniques, spiritual enlightment techniques and use of natures pure elements. Our sound healing products can induce relaxation states, alter perception, help with transcendance and purifying the soul and mind.

The more you meditate with our products the more advanced you will become in acheiving altered states of oneness. As a general rule, listening to our products every 3-4 days is suffice, after the 2nd week of audio listening you will start to feel more open and susceptible to the healing frequencies which reside in our creations. We do not reccomend daily listening or more than once day as the body mind and soul will reach a plato.

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Our Mission

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