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About Sherrie Wirth

Since she was a young child, Sherrie has sensed energies beyond the realm of her physical surroundings that she did not understand nor could she explain. It was a type of psychic sixth sense that came into sharper focus at age 7 when a near-death experience revealed the presence of spiritual and healing energies.

Sherrie was raised in a household that adhered to strict religious tenants and was unable to share her experience with anyone. She silently observed the growing energetic connections she felt with all forms of life – plants, animals and on occasion, resonation with other people.

Some years later, after a second close call, Sherrie began researching all she could find about near-death experiences and the spiritual paranormal. She actively sought out intuitive psychic practitioners with whom she could share her experiences and to offer guidance as she began to embrace and develop her own intuitive abilities.

Today, Sherrie honors her spirit and yours by using her gifts to offer non-judgmental, compassionate insights and spiritual guidance from a space of High Heart and Love.

Sherrie is certified as a Life Coach, Psychic Master Healer and a Reiki Master. She has  studied and continues to educate herself in the following areas: Law of Attraction, Past Life Regression, Psychic Mediumship, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Crystal Therapy. She has taught several classes on different subjects ranging from Intuition, women’s groups, meditation, crystals and my Love of Art.

Her gifts are in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

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