Rebekah Sharpe - Celtic Priestess, Ordained Reverend, Energetic and Crystal Energy Healer, Past Life Regression, and Cranial Facial Massage

About Rebekah Sharpe

Rebekah Sharpe started her career as a Hairstylist and Esthetician in the salon and spa industry to learn more about skin care and massage. While specializing in cranial facial massage, she began combining aura and chakra work with her hands to accomplish her healing work. She then started adding crystals to her practice, which opened spiritual doors all the more. Her unique abilities, background, and intuitive awareness, has brought forth the perfect combination to give her clients the best results possible for total mind, body, and spiritual health.

Rebekah's openness to follow her heart is what led to her to being able to incorporate such a diverse background into her practice. She has a background in Business Entrepreneurship from U.O.P Arizona, Concord, CA campus, and Cultural Anthropology from O.S.U. in Bend and Corvallis, OR, with a specialty in Magic, Witchcraft and World Religion as well as minors in Musical Theater and Dramatic Arts. She has studied voice and performance throughout her life and taught with Bend Experimental Arts Theater for children in Bend, OR. She has traveled quite a bit and comes from a family of culturally Irish Travelers where music and arts are valued as part of the healing process.

Rebekah has lived in communes, moved around, and even though she considers herself "settled" in a home base with her husband and 2 children in the Staet of Washington, she still travels wherever the wind takes her. Her goal in this incarnation is to listen to her teachers, spirit guides and mentors in order to bring illumination, health and healing to those who need it. Rebekah lives in a constant state of "paying it forward," and is recognized by Lightworkers Linked as a gifted psychic healer who is committed to providing her very best as one who is always in service to others.

Disclaimer: "I am not a doctor. Any services or treatment received by a client from me are intended only as supplemental wellness options, never to be used in lieu of your already prescribed, therapy, treatment or medicine.I am also not at liberty to diagnose or prescribe anything, and these therapies are considered wellness treatments and are not endorsed by the AMA. Psychics and Holistic Practitioners are not allowed to give legal advice."
- Rebekah Sharpe

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