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About Queen Woods

Queen Woods has been making home made essential oil body oils and burner oils for many years because she had allergies and sensitivities to the chemicals in store bought brands. She loved the compliments she received when family and friends visited her home saying, "It smells good in here." Or "You smell so good." 

For more than thirty years Queen has been making her own body oils and prayer oils which sit on her alter for 24 hours before they are ready for use. Her fragrance oils are blended for customers who want healthy products in their home.

She makes soap for her family that they like better than store bought. She was a registered nurse licensed in five states working in Intensive Care for fifteen years, so she has seen all kinds of illnesses and she knows there is an essential oil that can resolve many problems without harmful chemicals and side effects. 

She grew tired of burning candles that didn't last and the mess they left behind. Queen prayed and asked for a solution. Then in the early hours of the morning between sleep and waking, it came to her - what if she could have scent without candle flames and left over wax or incense ash. She loved the way her oils smelled but what could she use to diffuse them in the home? She began to search until she found someone who would do fragrance lamps to her specifications. 

The lamp had to be electric with adjustable settings so it could regulate the light and intensity of the fragrance. The parts needed to be replaceable and easily replaced. Then a friend suggested a dimmer switch so it could be used as a night light. Since she couldn't make them affordable for the average person, she found a manufacturer who agreed to supply her with what she offers to her customers to use with her wonderful handmade oils. And yes, she still makes burning incense for her personal use.

Queen only uses the best herbs, organic essential oils and raw ingredients to make fragrances and body products. She has managed to reproduce some of the more popular body perfume oils which are her version of the originals but have no affiliation with any name brand trademarks. Her natural versions are very close, and most people can't tell the difference. We hope you like them as well!

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