Peta Amber Lynne - Author and Channel of Divine Grace

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Divine Grace Message:

"Beloved Ones,  Whatever you focus on. is what  your life is made of. Do you like the ingredients that you are choosing? We are always here to say, look up, look out, for that which you desire. Where you are going is where you will arrive. You are going where your thoughts, inner images, words, and actions take you. They blend together and steer your timeline.This is the way it works.

Only you have the choice to go where you wish to be. Let go of personal and cultural habits. You have come to assist the transformation. You have come to be a part of the awakening. You need to make these simple but powerful choices now. Thus you meet those Souls that you are ready to join with to create the spin of beauty, love, and truth in this world to which you have come.

There is no future to fear, to wait for or to fix. There is the creative power of the now, always available. As you express, so you experience. Lift the trinity of your thoughts, words and actions and you lift yourself into a new reality."

~ Divine Grace


About Peta Amber Lynne

Peta has been hearing within since she was just a child. She has been profoundly blessed to be able to share her gift with many people over the decades.  Peta has degrees in Psychology, but has learned much more from the inner wisdom, life and her seven children.

Peta channels for groups and for individual clients. She is so grateful for all of the people that Divine Grace has brought into her life. Perhaps you will feel an inner calling to connect with Divine Grace through her. Peta welcomes your comments and your questions.

This inspirational book will move you powerfully towards fulfilling your desire to express gratitude and kindness in all ways. The gentle. loving words of affirmation will remind you how much you are loved. It is a book that can be opened anywhere to find words of encouragement and meaning that are just what you are waiting to hear. Christian values and inspirational truths will resonate with your heart of hearts. Let the forgiveness of Christ move through you into all areas of your life to set you free. Creativity and joy are your birthright as a child of God. You have only to claim them by using your free will in alignment with the All-Loving will of God. Goodness is your nature and Peace your blessing as you make these simple choices to express gratitude and love. Listening to the still small voice within until it becomes a clear source of loving guidance helps you on your path and reminds you that you are the unique and personal Beloved of the Creator of all. Simple and gracious, this book will speak to you in ways that uplift you in the embracing light of Christ.


The Miracle of Gratitude is a simple, yet powerful guide to changing your life through focusing on what you desire instead of what you fear. It is a book brought forth as a gift to both the writer and the reader. Transcribed by the author in a number of nighttime sessions, these words brought strength and wisdom that sustained her through the death of her beloved son, Bo. Whatever your challenges in life, this Angelic perspective will inspire you to act and speak in the ways that bring great blessings. Every choice for gratitude will lift you towards peace, joy, and love.

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