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A freedom-loving sovereign, Max Guiley reports he is “in recovery” from the war-monger brainwashing of being a Veteran Carrier-Qualified Jet Naval Aviator after turning up with a very low number in the so-called “Selective Service” Vietnam War Draft Lottery.

A 12-Stepper “Friend of Dr. Bob & Bill W,” Max now celebrates 18 years clean and sober and operates within that “Attitude of Gratitude” requiring the proper maintenance of his healthy and happy spiritual condition.

He is a 5th-Generation Southern Oregonian -- a Highland Bagpiper descending from Scottish wagon-train emigrants.  His ancestor Guiley family first arrived in Oregon in 1845, a few generations after landing in Philadelphia from Scotland in 1746, running from the Tyrannical British after fighting in the 1745 Battle of Culloden Moor against the hated British during "The Risin' o' '45" and the later "Great Emptying Out" of Scotland, called the "Highland Clearances” which destroyed much of the traditional Gaelic culture in Scotland. Sound familiar, Native Americans? Because of British Genocidal Oppression of the Scots (VERY much like the ongoing genocide committed against our Native American Brothers and Sisters here in North and South America), his Oregon Guiley family has always had sympathetic and friendly relationships with the indigenous tribes. Guiley Creek and Guiley Road are still on today's Oregon maps. 

Max’s grandfather, Paul Guiley, relocated to Southern Oregon from his birthplace in Lane County, Oregon, and, ever since, his family has had a close relationship with the Native American Klamath Tribes for almost 140 years. His great-grandfather, Charles Rifner, in the late 1800s, homesteaded a land-grant ranch from bare ground at the foot of Surveyor Mountain on Johnson Prairie in Klamath County (his daughter, Dora, married Paul Guiley, and the ranch eventually became known as The Guiley Ranch, which neighbored a traditional Klamath Tribal summer camp in the Greensprings Mountains of Klamath County. Hence, Max has emphasized doing video projects for members of the Klamath-Modoc-Yahooskin Tribes, as well as for a multitude of worthwhile Southern Oregon, Pacific Northwest, and "State of Jefferson" causes and organizations and whose purpose is to protect our land and water.

His father, Max Guiley, Sr., born in 1912 -- the year the Titanic sank -- grew up playing with the Klamath Tribal children on the Guiley Ranch on Johnson Prairie in the early 1920s, passing along traditional lore and a concern for preservation to Max, Jr. The natural ecology of that very REMOTE 120-acre former family homestead (6 miles from the nearest paved road in Klamath County) has been preserved and donated in its historic, naturally-beautiful state to Southern Oregon University for the purpose of supporting women's-education-opportunities in Southern Oregon. Max was elected to the founding Board of Directors of the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy in 1977.

A mountain climber from early life, one of his profile pictures herein is at age 18 at the sharp-peaked top of Mount Thielsen, which he climbed 9 times; Mount Pitt 4 times; a successful climbing expedition to the top of magnificent Mount Shasta and back; Mt. Bailey twice; (and he even carried his Highland Bagpipes to the top of Devil's Peak and played them at the summit for the Sky Lakes wilderness area campers, below -- a memorable experience for all during the dead calm of night, echoing against the surrounding mountains. 

Max literally grew up from toddler age to licensed pilot outside on airport tarmac around airplanes/aviation and fun-loving pilots, inheriting the "flying bug" from his pioneer-pilot father who founded the first Cessna Aircraft Dealership in Medford, Oregon.

His undergraduate degree is from Southern Oregon College (now SOU) in Speech Communication with Broadcasting Emphasis and a minor in Business Administration.

Drawing a low number in the Vietnam Draft Lottery upon college graduation in 1969, Max became a Carrier-Qualified Jet United States Naval Aviator. While serving as a Naval Flight Instructor in Pensacola, Florida, he soloed the very FIRST woman in U.S. Naval History to become a Naval Aviator and earn her highly-coveted Navy "Wings of Gold" -- Barbara Allen-Rainey. Max was later selected as Legal Officer of NAS Fallon, NV, the home of Naval Aviation's "Top Gun" ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) training, and its remote-desert bombing and gunnery ranges. In civil aviation: he has owned and maintained 4 personal airplanes, including a twin-engine Beechcraft Travelair.

Holder of an F.A.A. ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) Certificate, he has piloted more than 52 makes and models of single and multi-engine airplanes all over "The Greatland" of Alaska, becoming a commercial bush pilot for Bush Air, Inc. in Bethel, Alaska; an Aviation Insurance Underwriter/Assistant Manager of the Anchorage, Alaska office of U.S.A.I.G. -- the United States Aviation Insurance Group; and later as an independent Aviation Adjuster for many aircraft accident investigations, before coming home to Oregon and his beloved Pacific Northwest forests and mountains where, before “official” retirement, has earned his Master of Business Administration Degree from American Intercontinental University while working in the AIU Online admissions office in Beaverton, Oregon.


* Combined Multi-Camera HD videography; Underwater HD; Ultra HD aerial drone videography
* Longtime Audiophile Sound Specialist emphasizing High Fidelity Stereophonic Multi-Camera HD Music Videos
* Bachelor of Science, Speech Communication/Broadcasting, Southern Oregon College
* M.B.A., International Marketing Emphasis, American Intercontinental University
* ATP -- Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
* Veteran Carrier-Qualified Jet Naval Aviator
* 18-years experience Alaska Bush Pilot
* U.S. Forest Service Wildfire Air Attack Pilot
* 5th-generation Southern Oregonian
* Veteran Carrier-Qualified Jet Naval Aviator


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