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The Rising Frequencies Radio Shows are dedicated to providing you with esoteric spiritual information that you can apply in your daily life.  Join Lisa Rising Berry and Andrea Mullaney on the Rising Frequencies show for the latest energetic updates and advice on how you can maintain a high frequency during these times of  amazing transition.

About Lisa Rising-Berry

Rising Frequencies is dedicated to helping those who are called to seek help, and teaching those who seek knowledge of spiritual truths.  They assist others to raise their frequencies by teaching the ways of inner alchemy and by sharing their own insights so they may spark understanding and remembering within each reader or listener.  Rising Frequencies assists others to assist themselves and strongly believes that everyone is a teacher and a student, and each individual has a special gift and a special place in the universe.

May we all grow and learn together and share and live what we know, for knowledge of truth and its application in our lives are what is most needed in the world.

Lisa began her awakening, in earnest, in 2007 with the death of her first cousin. Her dear cousin, a mother of three young children, committed suicide that year after suffering from schizophrenia. Lisa attended the funeral and felt she had to be there for her cousin's children, their dads, and their families. Since then, she has researched spirituality intently, joined and left spiritual groups, and had many awakenings.
During this time frame, it was as if a light switch turned on inside of her. Lisa began to remember some past lives and came to understand that she had actually worked on behalf of the dark side of Earth's dual reality, but then switched to the light side at a critical point in her development. She has clear memory of the very past life on Earth in which this critical choice occurred, and she was forever changed.

Lisa has been on an advanced spiritual path since she was a young girl. She started having lucid astral projection/out­ of­ body experiences at age five. During these times, she visited and experienced many different realms and realities. She even attended classes in these locations and participated in two graduation ceremonies. This is how she received a lot of her training, and she has memory of it.

Lisa’s goal as a Certified Holistic Life Coach is to help people gain optimal balance and harmony in their lives.
Holistic simply means “holism” or being “whole”. You can think of it as enhancing personal development from a multi­directional approach.
From a holistic perspective, Lisa views the person as a complete being, rather than an individual who may have an unresolved challenge. When we view ALL possible contributions to the current state, a better and more comprehensive resolution is created. This is accomplished by balancing the mind, body and soul.
On the BODY ​or physical level, Lisa will be working with you to develop healthy nutrition and exercise programs. She will assist you in creating healthy environments and action plans that support your physical goals and desires for a healthy and thriving body.

On the MIND​ or mental level, Lisa will work with you to uncover the underlying limiting beliefs and patterns that cause physical manifestations such as headache or other signs of stress. She will assist you in creating and incorporating new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your values, goals and desires. Re­programming the subconscious mind is essential to healing and making life changes. We live what we believe on a subconscious level.
On the SOUL ​or spiritual level, Lisa will work with you to connect to the higher aspect of yourself - that which is unseen but exists within each of us. She will assist you with various meditations & mantras to find the silence, stillness and spaciousness in your heart.

By combining all three aspects of our lives: mind, body and soul, we can move into living our lives in a peaceful and holistic manner.

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