Linda Burns - Jewelry Designer and "I AM" Artist

About Linda Burns

Linda Burns artist, writer and jewelry designer authored the I AM Blessing, Sacred Symbols of the I AM Illustrated Cards, and she designed the I AM Necklace. The I AM material is the fulfillment of a five year commitment that began during a sacred pilgrimage to France in 2011 to study Mary Magdalene’s teachings.

Linda’s 25 year passion for clay and her deep spiritual practice led her to merge her gifts into a new creative expression; Inner Wisdom Beads. She intuitively combines her clay pieces with elements from worldwide origins then infuses each set with sacred toning, crystal singing bowl sounds and Reiki symbols. Each set is unique and energetically infused with the energy of healing and support.

Linda’s training includes Reiki I & II Attunement, Advanced Healing Methodology, Master Healing with Quan Yin, Sound Healing Activation, and Labyrinth Facilitation Training. She sits on the Leadership Council of A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy and is a member of Women of Wisdom and Spirited Women.

Inner Wisdom Beads & High Vibration Jewelry

Linda intuitively creates each set of Inner Wisdom Beads and High Vibration Jewelry, then infuses them with loving energy, singing each set into being using sacred toning, crystal sing bowl sounds and Reiki symbols. All clay elements are handmade by Linda with loving intention.

Custom Order Options: One of Linda's passions is working with clients to create a custom set of Inner Wisdom Beads. Whether it is for yourself or for a special gift, she meets with you through Skype, phone conversation and/or so you can explore what you would like to have reflected in the Inner Wisdom Beads. Linda has created sets of Inner Wisdom Beads for those who are celebrating weddings, birth of a baby, birthdays, milestones, and celebrations. She has also created sets for those who have lost a loved one, those going through difficult transitions, support and more.

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