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J. Lynn Palmer is a professional speaker, author and therapist in spiritual science. She communicates with the other side for individuals and currently works with a professional baseball team in enhancing their mental skills.

Born with the ability to communicate with the other side, Judie began her professional career on the East Coast in 1975. In 1980, she continued her professional career in the West Coast through radio, newspapers, television and expo speaking engagements. Judie is a professional speaker and author of guided imageries in spiritual science, the founder of "The Tao of Baseball" techniques and founding author of The Care & Feeding Of Your Chi.

Judie Palmer is a recognized professional Psychic Medium and Audio Author in Spiritualism and Spiritism.  She has been in practice 40 years and is the co-founder of Natural Healings and Academy Of Integrated Spirituality, a holistic educational center based in Martinez, Calfiornia.  Her natural born approach has helped more than 5,000 clients across the United States successfully navigate their own life path, and reunite them with their deceased loved ones.

Judie is the author of The Seven Stages Of Reincarnation, The Tao of Baseball, Communicating With Spirit Friends, and Chakra Shower.  She is the current instructor for 6th Sense Studies, 5 Element Healing, Chakra Healing, and former instructor of Soul Psychology.  She captivates audiences with her production, Spirit Messages, where the audience gets reunited with their past loved ones and spirit guides.

A personal spiritual reading can include an energy field scan, soul's mission, karmic imprints, past lives, messages from your spirit guides and loved ones, relationship and health issues, answers to questions, and any coaching or exercises that might apply to your needs or path.  You will leave with other perceptions to help you through your particular circumstances that your five senses and reason cannot perceive.

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