Janet Doerr - Intuitive Nutritionista, Medical Intuitive, and Visionary Health Strategist

About Janet Doerr

Janet Doerr, is also known as The Intuitive Nutritionista. After a thirty year career in international management consulting and corporate leadership roles in Canada and the US, Janet awakened to amazing intuitive gifts. Janet has the ability to read a person’s energy and then receive a download of the foods and nutrients that person needs to improve their health. Janet is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. In particular, she sees foods, hears information such as the names of nutrients, and receives knowledge about health imbalances or underlying health conditions affecting an individual. Janet now uses these gifts and her passion for health to support others by providing intuitive readings to people all over the world. Janet believes that the gifts she has are available to everyone, and is now teaching courses on Intuitive Eating. Janet’s services also include supporting employer-sponsored wellness programs and guiding health care practitioners. She sees the health care providers of the future becoming even more effective as they strengthen their intuitive abilities to diagnose and treat the root causes of health issues.

Janet has put together this amazing special offer to share her gifts.  This offer is packed with value!   The program includes a four-week interactive training program, taught LIVE by Janet via a web-based conferencing service.  The training program will be held on four consecutive Wednesdays starting July 16.  Each training session will be one hour and fifteen minutes. Sessions will include step-by-step instruction in learning how to activate your “health codes” and follow your intuition, exercises to practice skills being shared, a guided meditation to envision and embody your healthy state, live intuitive readings for some lucky callers, exercises, at home practice, one “field” assignment, question and answer periods, and more.  Every participant will receive a personal intuitive reading from Janet of the top five foods, nutrients or herbs his or her body needs most.   In addition to the live training program, this special offer includes a number of Bonuses, including an MP3 audio file, several pdf’s, and access to replays of all the training calls.  

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