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About Jamie Walters

The visionary author and culture-shift leader David Korten called Jamie “a prophet of an emerging new economy of intelligent, caring, cutting edge entrepreneurs.

She is an author, the creatrix and curator of Sophia’s Children, founder of the long-running consultancy Ivy Sea, and she’s been a guide and inspiration source for many visionary sole-proprietors, healers, entrepreneurs, transformation leaders, change-catalysts, and creative nonconformists who want to go beyond ‘business as usual’ in some, or all, areas of their lives.

Since leaping into self-created livelihood, right-livelihood, and ‘conscious enterprise’ experiments in 1992, Jamie and her Ivy Sea collaborators have consulted to and inspired a wide variety of organizations, enterprise leaders, and entrepreneurs to clarify their vision for and navigate the pathways to new-paradigm change-artistry.

Over the years, Jamie and her Ivy Sea allies have counseled Fortune 500 corporations, health systems, nonprofit organizations, fast-growth companies, small enterprises, solopreneurs, horizon-edge thought-leaders, culture-changers, and paradigm-shifters.

Jamie’s first book, Big Vision, Small Business (Berrett-Koehler Publishers), was released to excellent reviews, received several “best of the year” nods, and has been translated in six languages. The book has inspired thousands of solo- and SOHO entrepreneurs and other leaders around the world.

She also contributed to Positively MAD: Making a Difference in Your Organizations, Communities, and the World from Berrett-Koehler, and a collection of her thought-leading ‘visionary leadership’ articles were compiled for Leading at the Visionary Edge by ICFAI University Press.

In addition to her books, Jamie has published many articles, has been featured in USA Today, The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, Inc. Magazine, Priority Magazine,and other publications, and has greatly enjoyed being a guest on a variety of radio shows and podcasts.

Jamie created, produced, and hosted two early-adopter audio series, the InspiraLogues and the SophiaLogues, and created and hosted The Feminine Mojo Show on BlogTalkRadio (the show is currently on sabbatical).

She’s been in research-and-experiment mode for her latest body of work,  exploring the emergent Wisdom culture, worldview-shifting transformative experiences, the re-emerging Feminine, ‘the new greening’, and sacred relationship in our complex ‘Age of Distraction’ times.

Jamie had a great time serving as a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women conference in 2010.

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