Holly Marie - Facilitator of Shamanic Arts, Presenter, and Life Coach

About Holly Marie

Are you ready for deep change, understanding and clearing? Get to the root of what is holding you back by clearing old energetic imprints held deep within the energy and physical body. Let Holly Marie facilitate your healing experience that allows you to tap into the essence of your soul and release the buried trauma that keeps you from living in Abundant Joy and Emotional Liberation!

Holly offers several different types of energy modalities to track the root of the issue or the Original Point of Trauma (OPT)  which holds you back. She offers private sessions, retreats and personalized workshops to fit the needs of you and those attending. Many of us are well on our paths and have knowledge or experiences that need to be channeled into a constructive way, while others are just stepping on to this path and have much curiosity and need basic direction. No mater what level you are at, we all need an occasional clearing and a Spiritual time-out to reconnect and ground us from our busy life style. 

Holly specializes in emotional balance, chakra alignment, energy clearing, power animal retrieval, light activation's, DNA activation's,  inner child work, PTSD clearing, soul retrieval, deep regression, quantum energy change, clarifying hidden messages, crystal healing, past life regressions, shamanic journey's, ceremonies, home and office clearings. 

She also has been featured on several radio shows, such as Fade to Black hosted by Jimmy Church, Beyond the Strange hosted by Dave Cruz, The Chris Kehler show and has spoken at events such as The Awareness Life Expo, 5D events and her own conference, Unveiling the Matrix. She has traveled with the International Qero Foundation, as well as worked with the Ancient Crystal Skulls in a controlled channeling group, studied Theta Healing, and also studied and attended Michael Harner's classes,  studied under the Don Francisco, Don Humberto and Donna Bernadina.

"My mission is to facilitate an experience that allows you to tap into the essence of your soul and release the buried trauma that keeps you from living in abundant Joy and Emotional Liberation." - Holly Marie

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