Gabriel Lazar- Orgone Energy Worker and Orgonite Artist

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The Chembow
P.O. Box 5251
Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222






About Gabriel Lazar

Gabriel Lazar is an orgone energy worker, gifter, and orgonite maker. A Los Angeles native and a session musician, he has turned his focus to etheric teachings, namely exposing the parasitic entities which influence human activity, and counteracting these entities with orgonite and other orgone devices. He also helps Sharon Daphna to expose the controlled opposition within the chemtrail movement, substituting fear and helplessness with orgone energy, the solution to chemtrails and so much more. Gabe's musical background has also facilitated the application of music and sound patterns to further induce the purging of parasitic influence.  It is through this medium that he teaches how to go about anything from simple solo meditations to urban shamanism.   

Gabe co-hosts The Human Frequency on American Freedom Radio with Sharo Daphna, which airs live weekly. He is also a contributor to Sharon’s blog, Somewhere Under the Chembow, and has appeared on Adam Vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh , Truth Be Told with Tony Sweet on UBN Radio, and Earth Sky People with Victoria Vives Khuong.  He participates in teaching workshops with Sharon and was a featured speaker at the 5D Event on the groundbreaking Orgone Energy Panel. Together, Gabe and Sharon run their website, where they offer information on many topics, namely orgone energy and how to emerge victorious in the war against human consciousness. Gabe also spends much of his time managing their online orgonite shop, TheScalarVortex, on, the crafts website, and he also participates in instructional videos showing people how to make their own orgone energy devices from scratch. 

Another of Gabe’s passions is exposing the legal name fraud and helping others to understand the difference between their legal name and who they really are.  He explains that by registering the legal name as a business entity, you can free yourself from the enslavement that is so pervasive in our world. 

In his time off, Gabe enjoys playing keyboards, golfing, Italian lounge music from the 60s and 70s, and reciting useless hockey facts and statistics from the 1990s.

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