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About Erik McFarland

Life long Explorer of the inner and outer world. Testing the boundaries of illusion. Facilitator of inspiring experiences using sound, frequency, vibration and positive intention. Import high quality hand hammered singing bowls.

Importer of the finest quality Nepal hand made goods, we offer the best hand made Tibetan singing bowl. Each is made from 7 metal alloys which produce a premium sound quality unlike any and resonate with beautiful harmonics sounds and frequencies. If you are looking for the finest quality Tibetan singing bowl look no further.

Excellent for meditation, yoga, stress relief, energy healing, reiki, chakra balancing and contemporary musicians.

We guarantee our singing bowls quality!

  • What are the benefits of having a singing bowl?  They create the perfect energetic space., meaning, they can bring a sense of balance into the current moment of your life. When you close your eyes and listen and feel, they can take you on inward journey that's been described as relaxing, meditative, or peaceful. Those who experience a singing bowl for the first time often refer to at as truly magical. You can hear some testimonials here.

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