Donna Dia Lowre - Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Performer and
Spiritual Counselor

About Donna Dia

Donna Dia is a Spiritual Teacher, Uplifter and Artist of the Spirit. She has been teaching, speaking and leading groups for twenty-five years from NYC to LA; Europe to the Isle of Iona. She is an award winning actress, fellowship finalist, director, Founder and Artistic Director of Nevada Stage Company. Donna Dia is also a life-coach and teaches meditation and EFT (Tapping.)

You Are A Soul Song Show

It's original songs and dances for children and families to connect in a fun and joyful way. A multi-generational show to reconnect with the loving child in all of us. Contact Donna Dia to book her for, You Are A Soul Song, speaking engagements,workshops or the show.

Donna Dia’s Workshops

  • Do you sometimes feel sad, anxious or exhausted?
  • Have you lost "The child who used to be me"?
  • Do you feel you keep giving to others but not to yourself?
  • Are you out of touch with your passions in life?

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, Donna Dia can help!

Donna Dia Lowre shows people who are struggling with sadness, living inauthentic lives and lacking passion for life, how to find their authentic selves, discover or rediscover their passions and live in joy. In, You Are a Soul Song, Donna Dia will teach you how to become more peaceful and confident. You will expand self-love through guided meditation, mindfulness, song, dance and Tapping (EFT). She creates a safe and loving environment allowing for freedom of expression as she guides you to allow your inner spirit to flow freely. You discover or re-discover your unique self and welcome the uniqueness of others. You create your own Soul Song (whether sung or spoken) which you can sing throughout your life. And you will have fun! Workshops for women, men and children.

> Be Sure and Check Out Donna Dia's Website To Learn More!

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