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Selected as "Psychic of the Year" in 2012 by UFO's and Supernatural Magazine, as well as "Most Noted UFOlogists of 2012", Danielle has worked as a Psychic and Medium for the past 10 years. She has been the featured Clairvoyant on a number of television and film projects (ABC, NBC, USA, TNT) . Danielle co-anchors the hit paranormal radio show "Haunted Playground" alongside Sheena Metal, every Tuesday from 3-5pm PST on LA Talk Radio ( as well as co-hosting "Truth Be Told" with Pamela Beaty Tuesdays from 9-11pm PT on The Mystic Pig Radio Network. Danielle is a vetted alumni of the national missing person's location organization, Find Me, which couples the volunteer talents of law enforcement and Psychics, as well as "America's Best Psychics". 

Believing in eductaing the masses on spiritual issues, Danielle is no stranger to the paranormal in the media. She has directed and starred in the critically-acclaimed paranormal feature film documentary "Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting" ( as well as having been the content consultant on a number of hit paranormal television programs in cluding the CW's hit paranormal series "Supernatural" and Lifetime's "America's Psychic Challenge". She has even made an appearance on the Psychic's version of "The Weakest Link" on NBC alongside five other Psychics and Astrologers recruited nationwide. 

A founding member of the Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance, a paranormal investiation group, Danielle has also been a prominant contributing member of many other paranormal and ghost hunting teams, as well as working with Law Enforcement agencies on crime-solving. Danielle has contributed valuable "missing link" information to cases ranging from child abduction to violent crimes, accurately profiling assailants and occurances using her Clairvoyant, Empathic, and Psychometric abilites. 

Danielle has helped develop an all-inclusive spiritual outreach program focused on teaching the active spiritual physics of Love and Acceptence to all people regardless of race, sexual preference, or choice of religious practice. Danielle has spearheaded workshops on The Illusionary Nature of Chaotic Evil, and Demonic Posessions, as well as her series, "Working With your Own Spiritual Gifts". She has been a featured Teacher, Advisor, and Key Note Speaker at many Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing Centers and Events. 

Danielle currently anchors her own private practice in the Los Angeles area, providing Spiritual Advisory services for not only private and corporate clients, but Hollywood Studio Heads, Fortune 500 Executives, and international and celebrity clientele. 

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