Chris Theisen - Piano Composer, Baseball Player, Astrologer and Truth Seeker

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About Chris Theisen

In Oct 2014, Chris got his first real piano. He was born with the ability to play by ear and although Chris has always had a life-long interest in baseball, playing the piano has always been his true passion.

Out of his passion, a Global Awakening has been born in the unique way that Chris can channel beautiful vibrations that come through the stroke of a key. We are all connected to this mutual force. Music transcends us through space and time. It is formless and it speaks to all of us regardless of our language, culture, religion, or our age, and this is what binds the true meaning of an Awakening within us. Individually, we are all on own path but we are also on the greater world's path at large. If you have a soul passion for something, this was given to you for a reason. When you align yourself with the bigger picture --- true growth will abound.

Chris does not focus on personal endeavors. His focus is on the bigger picture and in the collective. This has definitely led to a huge awakening and leap in his own life.

Everyone has gifts and abilities just as everyone has adversities and hardships, that many don't know about. Even if your passion is family, children, a spouse, or just finding daily happiness in helping others, your expressing that same energy. This is something we all deserve. 

Keep spreading the light and never limit yourself. No one should ever feel like they're stuck, because in reality, no one really is ever stuck. Some people are breathing their last breath right now while others debate over the small problems in their lives. You can be successful in anything so long as your soul is willing to step into fearlessness, separate itself from the societal path, in order to stand up to what you believe in. This is true living. This is music!

Chis is looking forward to sharing his music where ever it may lead with preparing his first album 'Ascension' along with other albums/songs that bring out a deeper level of imagery, depth, and emotion. Chis hopes his music is able to help you in every way and his mission is all about healing the world -- one song at a time, one person at a time.

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