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Ben Davis, Jr- Was born in Madison, Florida, in 1955, to a politically known family in the northern Florida rural counties. He was the only son of a US Navy Frogman of WWII era and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, when his parents relocated in 1960. He was diagnosis of being afflicted with Legge-Perthes bone disorder in the same year and was prescribed to wear a prosthetic leg brace until a cure was completed. August 6, 1966, Ben was declared cured. Gaining high honors in high school sports as an athlete in track & field and being a player on the varsity football team who played for the State Class 4A Championship his senior year. After graduation, the Vietnam War was still ongoing and instead of being a draftee, he joined the US Army on November 26, 1974, until discharge on June 16, 1976, after being involved with top secret projects written in his first book titled, It's About TIME, published June 5, 2016

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