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About Anne Dellenbaugh

Anne has a passion for knowledge, she loves to learn and loves to share what she is learning. From the time she could walk Anne has been exploring the natural world of the body and landscape as a sailor, hiker, canoeist, cellist, gardener, qigong student and yogini; from the time she learned about the power of ideas, Anne has been thrilled to explore the farthest reaches of the mind. Instead of growing up to be a neurosurgeon or psychiatrist as was her high school dream, she was ordained as a Zen priest and became a registered Maine Guide, founding HER WILD SONG to offer wilderness journeys with a spiritual focus to women.

Anne was stopped in her tracks by a “terminal” cancer diagnosis in 1996 and went into personal retreat for one year, developing her own radical healing practices after the doctors told her there was nothing conventional medicine had to offer that would prolong her life. Almost 20 years later, Anne is not only alive and well, but healthier and happier than ever before.

The cancer opened a new area of study for her—health, healing and well-being. Her yoga went from an occasional practice to keep in shape to a daily passion. Shet took up chanting, learning how to use overtones in the style of traditional Mongolian chant and then studying Sanskrit chant. Anne studied Ayurveda and Qigong, learned to play the frame drum and laugh for no good reason, all the while looking for the cracks in the prognosis.

A natural-born teacher, Anne has been finding venues for sharing her passions and teaching others since the age of 10 years old and opened a school for the neighborhood children. She has taught in high schools, helped inner city children with their math homework, been on the faculty of Goddard College, instructed for Outward Bound, coached sailing teams, led Buddhist retreats, guided novice canoeists across windy lakes, demystified quantum physics and expounded on the ethical basis for radical feminism.

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