Agata Sierzputowska - Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer, and Reiki Master

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About Agata Sierzputowska

Agata started questioning the status quo over a decade ago and dived deep into the Research Wonderland of Non Conformity with what is shown to us on the surface level. She is in alignment with Socrates that “Wisdom begins in Wonder” and that’s really what keeps her going and has always made her thrive energetically.

Agata is a Wisdom Hunter and an Awareness Activist. She is a Dedicated Researcher who evolved consciously by refusing to undergo the conditionings of social engineered programming. Agata became addicted to education, falling in love with the process or learning, as she discovered new ways of seeing the world. She continues to create and shape myself by digging up hidden, underground, alternative information that's considered cutting-edge or therapuetic, behind the curtain of conventional therapies, cures and wellness. There is a Meta health -- Mind Body Spirit connection, that combines what we know from quantum physics, holographic universe theory, parallel universes, multidimensionality, Eastern philosophies, Zen, Buddhism, neuroscience, Self development and Self Realization delivered by those who resonated Truth within. Agata applies so many principles in her work -- with applications in self exploration, plant based medicine, mysticism, consciousness and awareness shifting, unity and oneness, meditation, and mindfulness for accessing the Wisdom within. Agata also understanding how to work with alchemical energy transmutation and she works with Prana energy. She knows and understands restorative breathing methods, frequency work, sound healing, and bridging science and spirituality.

Her spectrum of interests is hard to be put into one category. She learns, reads, and watches everything "metaphysical" that catches her attention and draws her in. Agata travels the world, attending lectures, online summits and webinars, and has watched hundreds of documentary films on vast subjects. She has been trained to facilitate deep healing techniques that is unparalleled to narrowing on one practice or focus. Agata is about helping the "individual" and can intuitively tap into your field and frequency to find the best attunement and method for you.

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