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About Adam Apollo-Amorastreya

Adam is founder and Executive Director of Access Granted, a multimedia  educationa l resource developmen t company. Access Granted is designed to provide advanced technology , ecology, and body-mind education in urban locations around the world through publicly available integrated  centers and high-tech facilities . It is also the central hub of a massive network of "Agents" dedicated to Planetary Transforma tion and Healing, many of which have developed their own organizati ons and companies to be of greatest service to the changes currently happening on the Earth.

In 2004, he was invited to be the youth representa tive at an Elder's Council, where he joined sweat-lodg es, kept a sacred fire, held ceremony, and engaged traditions  of over 60 Elders from all over the world. With the Daykeeper of the Maya, the Chief of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Sioux (19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Peace Pipe), Hopi Elders, Wasak, Cherokee, Navajo, the Leader of the Hawaiian Sovereign Movement (descenden t of King Kamehameha ), and many others, he did Earth Healing, Blessings,  Clearings,  and solidified alliances for the road ahead.

In 2005, Adam went to Burning Man for the first time. After a major past-life karmic clearing, he remembered  lifetimes on other planets before his journey to Earth. With this new knowledge and awareness,  he made contact with a Galactic communications network, and was physically  greeted by a Galactic Ambassador  who was not human, but had many similar features. After a testing process, he was shown how to open an Astral Stargate, and he traveled into a massive Astral chamber where he met Ambassador s from 73 species of the Galactic Council. With them, he completed a review and assessment  of humanity, determinin g whether or not the people of Earth were ready enough to be initiated into becoming an interplane tary member species of the Galacitc community.  Fortunatel y, it was determined  that a critical mass had been reached, specifical ly of people who were open to massive comprehens ive planetary change, and who have the capacity to completely  change their state of being and way of life though immense beauty and inspiratio n. On that date, September 3rd 2005, a seven year initiation  process for humanity was commensed.

After becoming deeply inspired to share more about humanity's interplanetary future and destiny, Adam created the Galactic Family Network in 2008. As a small social network, the site was developed with the intention of sharing the simple facts regarding the extraterre strial presence through history on Earth, as well as experience s and insights from individual s who have had personal encounters  with UFOs, Starships,  and extraterre strial species. During this time, Adam also began to speak extensivel y at conference s, festivals,  and major forums on the future of humanity and possible forthcomin g technologi cal and social changes.

During 2007, Adam primarily focused on helping to forge Campaign 2020, a visionary platform created to help bring together the constituen cies and capacities  necessary to achieve a sustainabl e planet by the year 2020. Initially,  he completed work on a contractua l basis as an advisor and technology consultant  for the 2020 Fund, a 501c3 housed under the King Baudouin Foundation  US. For the first half of 2007, he served as Chief of Business Developmen t for 2020 Strategies , one of the central partners helping to steward the launch of the Campaign, building strategic partnershi ps and bringing Campaign 2020 to major event platforms including SoL's Business Forum on Innovation  in Sustainabi lity and the Internatio nal Symposium on Digital Earth, where Adam was the keynote speaker of the Gala Dinner.

Recently, Adam has continued to build and develop his workshops and presentations, and is in the process of finishing three books (for release in 2012). He has a forthcomin g DVD series, upcoming retreats, he is presenting  at several conference s, and has major proposals under review for facility developmen t, technology  projects, and more. Please contact him if you are interested  in investing or otherwise getting involved in these projects.

Adam Apollo is also a martial artist, music producer, DJ, VJ, graphic designer, computer technician , swordsman,  and profession al massage therapist.  He enjoys reading, chess, movies, studying ancient cultures, envisionin g the future, and weaving Magic in service of the Source.

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