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Radio Talk Show Broadcaster and Founder of Lightwaves Radio

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About Wendy Adams

Wendy Adams is a world renowned psychic medium and visionary who began showing signs of her psychic abilities from the time she was a small child. Her experience of seeing one of her deceased classmates in the third grade to knowing that something was medically wrong with her baby sister soon after she came home from the hospital were just a few ways that Wendy began sharing her unique gifts with others very early on. Since that time, Wendy has had several near death experiences that sharpened her psychic abilities even more, from which she has remained linked to a world where she transmits "messages from above", easily and effortlessly, and Wendy has helped countless people through her abilities. To get a Psychic Reading and have a Life Coach Session with Wendy Adams, please schedule your appointment here:

Wendy is also the owner and founder of Lightwaves Radio and has produced and broadcasted numerous shows since 2012, with over 3 million listeners world wide on the popular Wendy Adams Show. Check out all of these shows on Lightwaves Radio including: Nightwaves, Inner Circle, Muscle Meets Clouds, and Monday's With Melody.

About Lightwaves Radio

Light Waves Radio is for all seekers of truth and anyone who seeks to understand the many mysteries of our place in the cosmos and life itself.  We explore a variety of topics that we feel are most urgent  and valuable at this time, and strive to find real truth and solid answers through contemplating, sharing and exploring  experiences and understanding of “the bigger picture”.

We  live in an incredibly exciting, new and even awkward time in the history of our planet.  History has been written and re-written in so many ways, and truth hidden for so many reasons,  it is a very real challenge to discern what is real and what is “programmed” in our society and lives.  Together and through our mutual explorations and discussions, we have the ability to elevate our understanding and raise the frequency of our planet to a level that literally assists the evolution of humankind.  There is so much we can do to make a difference for ourselves, our lives and our future within the greater universal reality. 

Please tune into Lightwaves Radio in this journey of discovery.

Our Mission

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