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About Spring Rayne

Spring Rayne is the founder and visionary behind Starseed Holistic School, where the basis for learning is creativity, independent thinking, passion, exploration and all that good stuff that we standardize test right out of our kids. She sees children as holistic beings of mind, body and spirit. They’re naturally curious and full of wonder so she wants to create a school that supports that. Her vision is to create a school that focuses on whole brain learning, holistic health and wellness, building character and consciousness, honoring multiple intelligences, and teaches social responsibility.

Spring Rayne is a Mind-Body-Soul Holistic Health Coach, two-time published author, a Medium, Health Intuitive and Header, a gluten-free, vegan, raw food chef, Master Herbalist, Nutrition Coach, and Karuna Reiki Master. Spring is the author of two cookbooks: Eat Conscious and Be Merry and Healthy Family, Happy Family. She’s the creator of Holistic Naturals by Spring Rayne, a 100% organic, wild-crafted fair-trade line of herbal products that help with everything from insomnia, pain relief and detoxification to increased energy and hormonal support.

Spring is intensely passionate about teaching people how to take better care of their minds, bodies and spirits. She has helped many clients heal themselves from a wide variety of dis-eases, from insomnia to lupus. She’s witnessed how difficult it is to teach adults to change their lifestyle habits so that they take better care of themselves in order to heal. As a result, she believes that it’s critical to instill healthy habits early on in childhood as well as create an environment that honors the child holistically – and teaches them to honor themselves, too.

In February of 2012, Spring was diagnosed with four kinds of cancer, which led her on a journey of self-healing. She used healing herbs and gluten-free, vegan raw foods, as well as meditation and visualization to transform her health, and ultimately her life. By May of that same year, she was cancer-free. What it showed her is that the body can heal itself…as long as you can get out of the way and remove the obstacles to healing. This woke her up to her purpose – to help people take responsibility for their health and well-being so they can live their most vibrant, full, happy lives.

As a child, Spring always struggled in school. She was very smart, but didn’t obtain information the same way as other children did. She was a much deeper person than any of her peers and had a lot of spiritual gifts, so she was often misunderstood. As a child, she didn’t quite understand being an empath and psychic healer. She just knew that she wasn’t the same as the other kids. Growing up in a strong Christian background and attending Christian school, they all viewed her gifts with fear and she was programmed that it was a curse, as her gifts always got her into trouble. Not to mention that she felt completely stifled in her creativity!

She often wondered, “If God made me in his perfection, then why did he curse me with gifts?” No one could ever answer this question for her, so she shut down and went silent for a LONG time, until her early twenties when she finally started embracing her gifts. The key was when she started to work on healing her inner self.  Her knowledge and gifts started to expand from that moment forward. She also realized the more that she embraced a Holistic lifestyle, the more toxins left the body, which allowed her to heal faster and have more brain power.

Many years ago, Spring was shown that one purpose in her journey is to open a school for kids like herself where they can learn to embrace their special gifts by being themselves in a supported Holistic environment.  A place where they can expand their amazing talents. A warm place to be loved and supported. Each and every one of us have special gifts and by incorporating a Holistic healing approach, gifts can grow faster and further.


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