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Kay has written a memoir offering glimpses of one individual’s experiences with a slew of societal issues of our times, as have particularly affected her personally.  Alongside, she offers a “Know Thyself” report that includes extensive excerpts reflecting her birth data, from various divination systems and sources. The invitation is posed to consider a myriad of parallels that can be found between birth data insights – as reflect the unique path chosen by the soul for this incarnation – and specific experiences and ways that the path has actually played out. Kay has discovered a deep belief in the power that birth info tools offer toward stripping away social programming, finding our truest self, and accessing the valuable gifts with which we are each here to gift our world.

Kay’s soul path has involved taking on a 12th house Saturn, and associated significant issues around authority and power.  Her journey has taken her through immense childhood “shyness”, professional work in project management and design within the commercial architecture arena, and health struggles that began to take a serious toll during her 30’s. Raised by a rather militantly atheist father in the bible belt (in the beautiful Roanoke Valley and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia), her strong innate spiritual side began to cry out to be embraced – at about the same time that health issues began demanding attention.

Intertwined with spiritual questing, a long and determined effort ensued to respond to the messages coming through her body, to assess patterns that increasingly began to become discernible, and to make sense of intuitive callings.  Once having sufficiently tackled heavy metal and Lyme, Kay next took on a minimalist lifestyle, camping and biking, in and around Sedona, Arizona.  She reflects on consciously living through her Chiron return during her Arizona experiences, and embracing the powerful transformation opportunities that Chiron has to gift our world.

Kay places a strong focus on the value of deep inner work and healing…with a recognition that through seriously taking on such work, we each individually come into our authentic self, connect to our deepest callings, and become able to contribute our unique part to a unified whole.  Accompanying a cry for expanding recognition of the great value of deep healing, comes a reminder of the need for forgiveness, self-forgiveness, and compassion – as facilitates transformation and the creation of a balanced world.  Kay asserts the importance of remaining cognizant of prevalent multi-generational abuse – not the least of which includes fallout from massive human trafficking (sex ring operations and black ops projects hugely involved).  She encourages the welcoming of paradox, significant re-orientation in participation with platitudes, and welcoming the wide array of unique paths that we are each here to own.

Kay is a Mural Artist as well as an Author. Here are some of her commissioned paintings and murals.

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