Katja Aurora Vincent - Intuitive Healer, Laughter Coach & Wellness Advocate

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About Katja Aurora

As an Intuitive Healer & Laughter Coach, I have been working with people from 5 different countries spread across 2 continents. In the last 15 years I have held hundreds of individual healing sessions, and since 2016 I have led weekly laughter classes with great success.

I create JOY in the world by supporting and inspiring women to BE who they are meant to be. My strength and passion is to guide women who feel worn out and heavy-hearted, who have somehow lost themselves and the enjoyment in their life, towards rediscovering their life’s purpose while breaking through their obstacles with ease and grace and reigniting their inner spark of joy.

With gentleness, sensitivity and compassion I create an empowering healing space from which you’ll be able to overcome your limitations, reclaim your body and experience a new level of vitality, passion and purpose. Time and time again, I find that the most powerful element in the process of reconnecting you with your wholeness and JOY – the foundation of true bliss – is hearty Laughter. Let me assist you in reigniting the spark within you, so that your life becomes less serious and can begin to nourish your wellbeing from the inside out.


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