Dr. Gregg Scott-Schrecengost, PHD - Naturopathic Doctor

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Phone: (724) 919-7231

About Dr. Gregg Scott-Schrecengost

Dr Gregg Scott-Schrecengost provides all-holistic natural medical services to aid in the health and well-being of clients who are looking for science-based, herbal non~drug altneratives. Whole person care (Body Mind Soul Spirit) is the focus of Dr. Gregg Scott Schrecengost's practice. He is a Board certified traditional natural medicine doctor, accupressurist, clinical reflexologist (including Auricular Ear Points Therapy)and medical Chi Gong teacher. He is also a certified clinical nutritionist with the International Association of Applied Clinical Nutritionists I.A.A.C.N.

Dr Gregg's focuses and specialties are in the area of true-soul empowerment of his clients, their enlightenment, their uncovering of their self-healing potential that lies within and providing/educating them on Natural Medicine noninvasive strategies that will propel them toward optimal health / healing / physiological homeostasis.

As a traditional naturopath and functional nutritional health specialist, Dr. Gregg utilizes necessary clinical testing - kinesio-response, blood analysis and lab tests - in uncovering underlying physiologically ill-causing imbalances. From here, a targeted effective all-natural all-nutritional wellness program can be customized for the client.  Each client learns to build her/his health, fortify personal well-being, permanently heal, and subsequenty have a much improved lifestyle. 

Contact Dr. Gregg Scott-Schrecengost to learn more about the specialties he offers such as:
Integrative Medicine, Natural Medicine
Dr of Therapeutic Hypnosis
Energetic Health Practitioner
Chi Gong Therapy
NLP coach

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