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Bridget is someone who creatively is bridging our Earth world with the ET world and her name describes this perfectly: BRIDG-ET. One of the major themes of this transformational incarnation for her is to connect her perceived human self to her infinite divine expression. This life, for many of us, is about an incredible awakening and the re-memberance to our galactic family. This is a critical piece to understanding that we’re beyond a body, earth, space-time and more!!  Bridget's puzzle piece is to bridge herself and others to the stars. Since she was little she would blissfully cry when looking at the night sky, knowing within that there’s so much more to our existence. 

In recent years Bridget hasremembered and deeply recalled her participation in the hybridization program, and her part in it. One of her gifts is being a medium and a connector with other realms so she utilizes this intuitive skill to connect herself and other parents to their hybrid kids. When she was truly willing to explore her dreamworld, she asked with an open heart, “Do I have hybrid children?” Her soul bursted with a new level of light and life she hadn’t felt since she was a child. She knew with every fiber of her being that she has kids!!! They have assisted her on her path and fully empowered her to be more me… knowing that when she's living and acting in her fullest natural expression, they will appear/land.  

In early 2013, Bridget had many “future” memories of when they land and the contact communities where they’ll integrate. This reality is a magical wonderland of bliss!!! You can read about some of her experience here:  “Living with My Hybrid Daughter“, “My Galactic Family Reunion Memory” and “How to Make Contact and Remember Your ET Experiences“.

Bridget has so much to offer in the way of courses, individual life coaching sessions, products, and information that will leave you questing for more.

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