Annie MacDonald - Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Theta Healer, and Business Consultant

About Annie MacDonald

Annie Macdonald is a Spiritual Advisor and Healer. She is gifted and certified as a Psychic & Medical Intuitive, Medium, Reiki Master, ThetaHealer and Strategic Business Consultant in Park City and Heber City, Utah - although most of her business is conducted over the phone/Face Time. Annie combines her Masters Degree in Leadership Management and over 20 years of building businesses with over 15 years of practice (and lifetimes) in the Psychic Intuitive and Energetic Healing Arts. Weaving together everything from Channeling Ascended Masters, Angels, Guardians and Loved Ones of Divine Light on the others side, Shamanic Practices, Past Life Regressions and Spiritual Healings, Annie meets the client where they are for their highest and best Spiritual Growth. As a conduit of Divine Light, she helps heal and teach clients that are willing to change self-defeating attitudes and willing to conceptualize and then actualize their greatness. She believes that if we're doing our work, Divine Light will do the rest. 

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